"Osmijeh" is an artistic organization that was established in 1998. Its aim is developing creativity, creative dance and educating children, young people and adults.

Founder and artistic director is Ivana Mavrin, professor of psychology, choreographer and dance teacher.

Our goal is to educate children and young people in various contemporary techniques and styles in a unique way by encouraging creativity and boosting self-confidence.

Dance styles and techniques that children and young people can learn with us: Jazz dance, Hip hop, Break dance, Rhythmic and ballet, Creative dance, Theatre jazz, MTV dance, Jazz funk, Contemporary jazz, Dance techniques and they can participate in weekend workshops, with croatian and foreign well-known dancers, educators, choreographers and actors.

Our programs include more than just choreography and dance techniques. In addition to dance and artistic, they include creative pedagogical-psychological program that is highly relevant for the development of children and young people. So not only they get to know the art of dance and a wide range of dance techniques, we help them develop a positive self-image, create confidence in the group, develop cooperation, find their individuality and to know the socially acceptable way to deal with various problems of life. We also aim to prevent unacceptable behavior, help to overcome the difficulties that children and young people meet in the family and school environment and the development of mental and physical abilities such as attention, perception, emotions, thinking and motor skills.

We have specially designed program for children aged 5-10 years, then for children and young people of 10-15 years and a professional dance program for dancers of 15 years onwards.

At our dance center works a team of 10 top experts, award-winning professional dancers, dance teachers, psychologists who unselfishly pass to children and young people their knowledge and love of dance and movement.


Every year we organize five dance productions in theaters in the city of Zagreb, perform at festivals (Treps, Days Silvia Hercigonja, Cest is the best, Požeški plesokaz, The Future in Us ...), then the humanitarian productions ("Be my friend", We Can do it with a Movement, Let's help Nikola ...), on television (HTV 2 Zero Hour, Great Vacation, RTL Helps Children..), work with dance centers in Italy and Greece. Our members are performing for last four years in Italy on performances at the theater in Milan, "Teatro Fountains".

Dance centre "Osmijeh" and oue ensemble Black Angels at the various dance competitions (International dance competition in Hungary, FInal Dancing COmpetition Dancing Steps, Future in Us, Rijeka Dance Spectacle, InterDance FEST Sarajevo) so far have won 35 times 1st place, 9 times 2nd place e 3 times 3rd place in various dance disciplines (Jazz dance, Lyrical dance, MTV dance, Musical, Show dance, Hip hop, Break dance, Open category) and many awards.

Programs for Adults

For adults we have programs of exercise and dance, as well as educational training programs for professionals who work or want to work with children and young people. Our educational programs and seminars "Creative Movement" and "Creative Movement Class" have passed teachers, educators, counselors, psychologists and other professionals from over 50 institutions all over the country.

Our programs have been positively reviewed and recommended by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

Artistic Director

Ivana Mavrin

- professor of psychology, dance teacher, choreographer and dance therapist

- founder and artistic director of the dance centre


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Address: Malešnica, Donje Vrapče 22,
Zagreb (dance hall Malešnica)
Phone: 098 584333

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