Weekend workshops

Vikend radionice

Dancers who attend professional Black Angels program through the year have the opportunity to attend various workshops dance teachers to gain experience in new and different dance styles, but also to work within them famous styles and thereby enrich and further develop their dance expression.

Some of the dance workshops that we have organized so far:

STAGE MOVEMENT with Dražen Šivak, actor and director who has worked at the Department of stage movement at the Department of acting at ADU Zagreb

HIP HOP with Emanuela Martini from Milan (Italy), who organized dance performances and acts as a choreographer and dance teacher for a number of dance techniques

CONTEMPORARY DANCE with Marija Ščekić, award-winning dance teacher and choreographer

EXPERIMENTAL DANCE with Ante Ukušić, hip hop and break dance dancer who participated in our dance performances, musicals and operas

JAZZ FUNK with Tihana Strmečki, our famous dancer and choreographer

ALCHEMY OF DANCE with Ivana Mavrin, dance teacher who leads workshops in Croatia, Greece, Italy and China

DIFFERENCES IN HIP HOP style with Matteo Cois (Sardinia), dancer and choreographer who achieved superior results at the world competitions

SHOW DANCE with Ana Vesel Križaj, founder of the dance department at Art School Franjo Lučić

SUPPORT with Mario Jukić where the dancers had the opportunity to work on gaining confidence in pairs and groups and are taught exercises to strength the body, which is the main base for the performance of dance support

JAZZ FUNK with Siniša Vidović, famous dancer and award-winning choreographer

HIP HOP with Davor "Worda" Ćiković, excellent leader who performs in numerous plays and musicals

COMMERCIAL with Mario Guteša, dancer and choreographer who collaborated with the famous Croatian singers

CHOREOGRAPHY 1 and 2 with Ivana Mavrin, professor of psychology, choreographer and dance teacher

EFORT with Ana Kreitmeyer, dancer and author of numerous dance performances, which presented the basic principles of modern dance and introduced dancers to various dance qualities HIP HOP with Martina Drezga, dancer and choreographer

MODERN JAZZ with Dijana Martinović dancer and choreographer who, except in Croatia, works and organizes dance events also in Sardinia

POPPING AND LOCKING with Matko Šimić, our dancer, teacher and judge at dance competitions


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