Professional dance program

Black Angels

Professional dance program for dancers 15 years onwards

Dancers in professional dance program, Black Angels train more hours per week. For the is designed a special program so that in addition to regular classes of jazz dance, jazz, funk, jazz, contemporary jazz and theatre jazz, they can attend classes of hip hop, dance technique, conditional trainings, workshops on choreography, dance alchemy and weekend workshops of Croatian and foreign dance teachers and actors. They perform every year in five dance productions, on various festivals, in charity productions, on television, in commercials, participate in dance competitions and perform in Croatia and Italy, every year in dance performances in Milan, "Future" and "Viaggi" and "Colors."

In the school year 2013/2014 they won on the final dance competition Dancing Steps first place in jazz dance in the junior category and first prize in the selection of all disciplines in the category of juniors and seniors; first place in jazz dance in Zagreb Dance Spectacle, and second place in the election of all dance disciplines juniors and seniors, in Rijeka on the dance competition won first place in modern jazz in the junior category and entered the final night of TREPS.

Jazz dance

Jazz dance is a dance style that has developed from the modern ballet, but allows for a greater degree of free style. The jazz dance in the ballet technique complemented by various relaxed and free steps, and it is characterized by leaps, pirouettes, isolation and contraction of the body, low center of gravity and power. For jazz dance lessons dancers enlight the center of the body, achieve fluidity of movement and learn a variety of spatial sequences and jazz dance choreography.


Jazz Funk

This is a jazz-dance that is inspired and influenced by hip-hop, but is not considered to be a hip hop style considering that the basis is jazz dance technique. Jazz funk is characterized by isolation, contraction of body, dynamics and agility of movement. Through lessons of the jazz funk, work on jazz dance technique and work on choreographies for the dancers is developing a positive attitude towards dance, but at the same time it's developing a high level of confidence and ability of powerful dance and theatrical performances.


Contemporary jazz

Contemporary jazz is a dance style that combines elements of jazz dance and contemporary / modern dance. Often it is compared with the lyrical jazz. This style is characterized by some gentle music. Jazz dance is characterized by syncopated rhythm, low centre of gravity, isolation and explosive movements. Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of different genres of dance, including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.


Theatre jazz

In essence it is a jazz dance which is energetic dance, but its basics come from the ballet. When you put into this dance acting, emotion, extreme expressiveness and rich costumes, we are talking about modern theatre jazz. The style that primarily presents individuality and originality of the dancers.


Hip Hop

Hip hop dance refers to the urban dance styles primarily danced to hip hop music or were developed as part of hip hop culture. What differs hip hop from other dance styles is a high level of freedom. So that in training we learn the basics which are then complemented with their own improvisational dance steps that can be run on a different tempo of the music. In training are passed various dance movements that help the work on the development of coordination, dynamics, speed, toughness and sense of rhythm and dance.


Dance technique

The classes of dance technique are based on ballet and jazz technique. Combining elements of these two techniques we enable dancers and expand their dance vocabulary. Classes consist of exercises in the centre with which we work on balance, coordination and flexibility. Exercises through diagonal are used for the exercise of more complex elements and for practicing jumps, pirouettes or short technical sequences. Choreography at the end of the year is kind of technical etudes.


Weekend workshops

Dancers who attend professional Black Angels program through the year have the opportunity to attend various workshops dance teachers to gain experience in new and different dance styles, but also to work within them famous styles and thereby enrich and further develop their dance expression.



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